Exodus Night



Race Human Profession(s) Fighter, Mage,
Sex Male Ethics Neutral
Height 5 foot, 8 inch(es). Weight 160 lbs
Level 8/8 XP 3600
Hair Color White Eye Color Violet
Pet Age 30
Gold 10000 God King of Gods Lensen
Registration Date 2010-03-23 05:12:26 Last Updated 2010-03-24 19:43:53
Hit Points Total: 63
Profession 1: 85
Profession 2: 34
Profession 3:
Constitution HP: 3
Home Page
Strength 18 Intelligence 18
Dexterity 18 Wisdom 12
Charisma 11 Constitution 18
Skill 1 Swordsmanship Skill 2 Quickness
Skill 3 Swimming Skill 4 Climbing
Skill 5 Survival Pet(s) None
Advanced Skills
Background: Imperator of the Baaton Order, Cleric of Gamori, adversary of Lord Marlak: Kahedrin was not always known by the name he now uses. Once, his presence was as much as boon to his allies as it was a bane to his enemy. Few dared oppose him and fewer could succeed at it. Then, without warning or explanation, he burned his home, destroyed his belongings, and vanished from L'Ombre. Where he went none could say, but he traveled long and far -- his quest one of self-discovery as much as atonement for past sins.

His first stop brought him to Pyra Metros, where he used his title as lord over the forces of the Baaton Order to commandeer a single-man ship; and he sailed to his destiny across the Vermillion Sea. For years, he fought in various mercenary bands and served as a shiphand on one or two pirate vessels. Several new lands were explored in his passing, never staying long and always presenting himself in a new disguise. A scholar here, a merchant there, sometimes a bard, sometimes a fortune teller: never as the man who once sought to usher in the reign of the Emperor of Demons. Finally, when he felt himself a better, more wizened man, he bade his companions farewell and began the trek back to a realm likely better off without him?.

Now, his past life is all but forgotten, pages in history no one likely recorded. And though he knows not the state of the world he has returned to, he hopes to serve the people well and atone for his mistake of abandoning them in the first place. Whether or not he succeeds in being forgiven, however, is entirely up to the will of Lensen.
Inventory Weapons:Short Sword,
Armor:1 Leather Cuirass w/Leather Helmet and Gauntlets