Exodus Night

The Gods Of Exodus

Lensen: King of all Gods

Reigns over the world, Places the Gods in their domains:

Greater Power: None

Allies: All

Foes: None

Symbol: Man standing in a shroud of silver aura, hair that flows to his feet the same color. He holds a staff in his hand with the worldís shape on top, which glows in silver.

Avatar: Jensi who is not a person but a living aura found when two gods come too close to the otherís domain. It looks like a round large cubicle of green shooting out green bolts of lightning, pushing the other back to their own domain.

Ethic: All

Lensen has the ability to take on any power, and control it, be it a god, the earth, planes, or even the inhabitants of the world, may they be light, neutral, or dark. He has all three ethics, has delved into each aspect of the universal gods, controlling them not to clash. Certainly not the peacekeeper, nor is he the reaper of chaos. Once he had to stop the clash between Shanten and Gamori, and the proof lies right under the grass you walk on.

He is the sovereign of all gods, the history keeper of the world, and will preserve each entity of his kingdom. He overlooks the world, keeps histories of the failures, and makes plans for the future avoiding what the past has failed.

Day to day activities: He visits each god periodically to make sure one isnít trying to take on anotherís Godís ideals. His clash with Shanten has ended, yet he is wary of her wrath and competitive nature.

King Lensen was devastated when Shanten rid the world of dragons, he is very protective over their well being, and waits for the population of dragons to reproduce and return inhabiting the world of Exodus.

History: Killing of the dragons by Shanten, story can be found under Shanten.

His biggest regret was when he could not attend to the dragons being slaughtered, since he was tending to Shanten and Gamori. The few remaining Volkatis died off from the lack of food after the fire, most didnít survive since King Lensen was tending to the clash of gods. Many years he has ruled over this kingdom to see it almost totally destroyed, and the new inhabitants coming into the world beginning to explore and reproduce pleases him. He will help those coming to this newly discovered world in his divine kingdom no matter what ethic they are, by keeping such world wide devastation from happening again. Yet you would never see him ridicule another Godís word, for he knows it must remain where each has their own domain.

Chandel - Greater Power of Light Gods

he one who endureth, the rock of stability, Our Lord of Peace, Father of healing, Lord of life, He who will never forsake thee

Greater Power, Lawful Good

Portfolio:Angels, Healing, Endurance, Peace, Martyrdom, and life
Aliases: none
Domain Name: Eronia
Allies: Hereos, Aquarao, Genkel
Foes: All dark gods
Symbol: A hand glowing white on a black background
Worshippers Alignment:Any good
Avatar: Feronia

Chandel gives succor, calming, healing and even simple words of care to those who are in pain, oppressed, or in great need. He is the ever vigilant healer, and one to endure for those who cannot last on their own. He is more then pleased to take the pain of the world, all of those good and evil, upon himself for all eternity. He is generally quiet, kind,and very good-natured and very slow to anger.He loves to hear jokes and to enjoy in humor quite often as well. Though he is slow to anger, intense acts of cruelty, especially to the helpless or children are certain triggers which can make him very angry. When angered he can become a figure of frighteningly righteous wrath. He takes all assaults upon his person passively. He is a great caretaker of children, and though at times his appearance may frighten them; he is quick to reassure them as he treasures children and all young creatures.

Chandels Avatar: Monk 35/Cleric 32/Mage 23/Paladin 20

Chandel appears as a man of low income. He is always very thin and is small framed. His face bears various scars and other marks of his suffering. As he moves, he does so in obvious pain. He wears a white travelers robe, that if any ever look under, hides a body of smashed and broken joints, scars, open cuts, burns, and other marks of his torture. He is highly skilled in unarmed combat (Martial Arts) though he rarely ever causes damage to another. However, in combat he will use his arts to strike or catch arrows or other missile attacks from the air.

Other Manifestations:
He also manifests as an unseen, watchful, presence often accompanied by a calming tone upon the wind. He may also posses any good-aligned creature Facing surpassingly cruel and inhumane tortures. He also acts through Angels of every order and rank, White doves, donkeys, field mice, or daisies. White roses are used to show his favor.

he Church:
The Followers of Chandel are all seen as intentional sufferers, however in truth they concentrate mainly on providing treatment and healing to those who have been hurt. They put others ahead of themselves, are sharing, and emphasize a spiritual nature of life over gross material body. No true follower of Chandel will ever actively move to harm another, however one might fight to keep others from being hurt. All clerics or monks of Chandel are trained in Advanced Martial arts, diagnostics, herbalist, Anatomy, and healing. The only titles used in this faith are Brother/Sister, Revered Brother/Revered Sister, Father/Mother, Revered Father/Revered Mother.

Dogma: Those faithful of Chandel are taught to help all who are hurt, and to aid all that are in need regardless of who they are or what they have done. It is said that the truly holy will suffer in others stead. The Canon, or holy book, of Chandel tells that if one suffers in his name, he will be there to support them. They should always stay to their task if it is righteous regardless of the peril, and should always stand up to tyrants. They shall also never allow an injustice to go unchallenged. There truly is no shame, but glory in a meaningful death. Heal the sick, wounded, and diseased; comfort the dying, the grief stricken, and the heartsick. Take the burdens, and suffering of others; Hold true to the cause of the oppressed and, unjustly treated; give shelter to the homeless and company with counsel to the lonely, lost and ruined; give every last #FFCC66 to aid those who are in need and Chandel shall provide for thee.

Day-to-Day Activities:
Caring for those who need care and upholding their dogma are often found taking up the entire days of Chanlites. They also will bury the dead, and disperse food, drink, firewood, and (when they have it) money to the poor. Otherwise they spend their days in prayer or with loved ones.

Holy Days:There are no specific Holy Days for Chandel

Major Centers of Worship: There are no Major Centers of Worship, however there are countless monasteries about the world often found where the church could be of most service and will likely suffer the greatest of

Affiliated Orders:None currently formed

Priestly Vestments: The symbol of Chandel and generally a robe. Gray robes for those of lesser ranks, a blue robe for those of moderate ranks, and white robe for the Revered Fathers/Revered Mothers. All of them wear skull-caps while in ceremony.

Adventuring Garb:Priests may wear that which is appropriate to their
adventures. Though they will never be without a Holy Symbol, Medicines, bandages, salves, splints, slings, and a canon of Chandel

Darckvv - God of Darkness

Portfolio: Darkness, Keeper of the East Forest, Watcher and haven maker of the undead.

Domain: East Transian Forest which never sees light.

Allies: Gamori, Newtron

Foes: Shanten

Symbol: Dark Angel flying between twisted trees

Worshipers: Undead


Lylysa The Gatekeeper - Greater of Neutral Judgmental Gods

Goddess of Death and Rebirth, Winter, Ice, and Deliverance Symbol: A female image with ice laden long silver hair, majestic wings and blue eyes holding a cross in front of the gates as a lock.

Greater Power: Goddess of Neutrality

Foes: None Neutral

Lylysa is the youngest offspring of Lensen and has walked in the balancing of both evil and light. She guards the gates and as winter is the sleeping of nature she introduces the rebirth and resurrections balancing all upon the lands of the kingdom. Her judgments are fair, and she takes great care of who comes, and goes in the world of Exodus.

Some have vanished from the lands unheard of when this Ice maiden unleashes her cold wraith. Many times she has called on one of darkness for their abdonomation of their actions. Think of the balancing scale when thinking of this Goddess of Neutrality.

Gamori - Greater Power of Ghenna, Chaotic Evil

Lord of Murder, High Torture, Master of Chaos, Bringer of Darkness, Emperor of Demons, Creator and bestower of Undeath, Lord Darkness, King of Poison and Disease, Ruler of Evil, The Black Sorcerer, Necromaster

Portfolio: Poison: Murderous or Violent death, Chaos, Darkness, Evil
Torture: Undead/Undeath, Torture, Dark Magics, Necromancy,Evil Creatures
Aliases: None
Domain Name: Khalar
Superior: None
Allies: Genoia, Malekos, Mular, Tull and Yolkian
Foes: Aquaros, Lumanis, Chandel, and the rest of the Pantheon of goodness
Symbol: A red background with a black rose wilting and dying away held by a skeletal hand.
Worshippers Alignment: Any evil

Gamori is one of the primary dark gods. He is very powerful and has
accumulated such power through devoted service unto Genoiea. He served her simply as an assassin and later won her favor by actively slaying an ancient and unrecorded foe of hers named Shemhorah.

He was later raised by her to the Intermediate God stage. There he was bestowed gifts of power and areas of Authority. From Luukos he was given power over undead, and death in the form of murder or other violent/ritual death. From Mular he was given the power of Torture. From Marlin he was given dominion over demons, and from Yolkian he was given power over Necromancy and other magic.

Accepting these gifts graciously Gamori was content....for a time. Centuries afterwards he began to feel unease, and set forth to create a name for himself. Using his powers he spread wide epidemics and slayed thousands of innocents. This earned him the dominion of poison, and disease. Then he grew stronger and his followers became more numerous. Thus, Gamori was yet again, pleased.

Centuries more had passed, and the other dark gods were growing more leery of his gain of energy, before Gamori became hungry again for new power. He went forth as an avatar unto the lands once more and took dominion over all that was evil. He took the entirety of evil in thought, word, spirit and deed, melding it within his personage. This made his power base immense, and raised him to a Greater god. He honored still all of those who gave unto him save for one, Shanten. She,he regarded as an overbearing tyrant and actively opposes her. This earned him another dominion, over chaos. Shanten, and he are often locked in battle when they meet, save for during formal speaking.

Gamori is a god of great and dark passions.He is very intelligent, butlogic does not entirely rule his person.He is a being led by basic animal instinct tempered by a cruel, and malevolent streak never before imagined by another. He is often depicted as a dark hand squeezing at the throat of all humanity.

Gamori's Avatar: Valek (Vall ICK)
(Ninja Lvl 36, Cleric Lvl 16,Mage lvl 33,Fighter lvl 26)
Valek is a strong man in his late 20s early 30s by appearance. He never carries any seen weapons on him. He generally wears a midnight blue cloak over black leather armor bearing the symbol of Gamori. Underneath such clothing he has tattoos all about him of various symbols which in truth change at times. His hair is long and white and his eyes are a strange but very deep, and dark purple. He is a very emotional person however these emotions are so deep they often turn into darker ones, which lead him to commit heinous acts of murder/violence to many if not all that are involved or even present.

Other Manifestations: Gamori also appears as a flaming skull with green glowing eyes within a cloud of turbulent darkness. From this cloud pours the cries and torturous screams of the flaming scions of the hells. He also works through any, and all types of demons and un-dead.

The Church: The faithful of Gamori form secret cults all about the land.They are always watchful and ever mindful to keep the fear of their god in the hearts and minds of all who live. The faithful will usually go into a village in secret and strive to recruit or eliminate high officials of the kingdom. They will NEVER, however, recruit a king or specific royalty.Once they have officials and others of the town, they begin with threats to the ruler of murders. They then carry out the murders until the royalty of the lands begins to pay them a monthly cost.

The church consists of every class except for classes restricted to only good-aligned characters, and allows every race. Clergy are often referred to as "Guide" and are held with just respect, but are never seen as superior then the rest of the faithful. The only being they see worthy for following is Gamori alone, so unless he speaks to them as an individual; which he does far more often then other gods since he speaks as their side of unrestrained passion;they will simply do as they will.

They do as they will, but with cunning minds and a purpose. Remember Gamori is very intelligent and clever.

Dogma: The Clergy, or guides of Gamori's faithful, are charged to rely on their own passions, and never to be restrained by mortal law. They are also charged to make the living fear Gamori through murder, and to spread disease and pestilence among the living. They are to revere un-dead as an embodiment of their god so they will often treat them with great respect. Many clergy are practitioners of dark magic, and as such are highly supported by their dark lord. To the Clergy of Gamori, such acts as are stated within his domain are performed not only as a duty...but as something that the clergy love to do.

Day-to-Day Activities: All clergy are expected to obediently follow their desires. They do such for when their desires lead to acts of evil they in turn glorify their lord. Clergy are also expected to keep up a good facade for their own protection. They are never to give up their true identity until they have established a strong hold in the town. Otherwise they must be loyal unto Gamori and little else is expected.

Holy Days: Clergy of Gamori hold no days as important...finding every day a day of indulgence in whatever dark desire or whim may cross their twisted mind at the time.

Important Ceremonies: The main rituals of Gamori are acts of slaying, that will lead to a larger cause. These are most often found done in a very ritualized manner. Often times the ritual will encompass most of Gamori's domains. They will first abduct the person to be ritually slain.They will then make him watch, from afar, as they ruin his life. They will first poison/spread disease unto the victims family. This will be made to cause a slow and excruciating death. They will then most likely torture the victim until he dies of sheer pain. This has been known to last months even years. Once the victim is dead, they will usually bring in a magi to use his magic to animate the corpse into the strongest un-dead the magi can create. They then regard it as an embodiment of their god from that point until it is destroyed. Other rituals involve cannibalism and the direct worship of powerful Un-dead as embodiments of their god. However if the un-dead being worshipped does not revere Gamori, the clerics will quickly know and turn against it.

Major Centers of Worship: The section of the golden temple, and another hidden domain underground make up the church of Gamori.


Priestly vestments: Only used for when inside secret meetings. Followers of Gamori will wear a standard ring of Gamori, a skull with fangs made of black onyx set within a ruby on a diamond encrusted band, and will also wear deep purple ceremonial robes with cowls or masks of red.

Clergy will wear the same ring as the followers but will have on black ceremonial robes with cowls or mask of black. The interior lining of all garments are kept black and a veil was worn over the face to further obscure the mask and/or make the cowl appear empty to an observer. Clergy will also wear a red and sash. All will wear curved bladed ceremonial daggers to their sides.

Adventuring/Everyday Garb: The followers and clergy will wear whatever they wish and what is appropriate for their climate.

Shanten - Goddess of Fire and Rage

Goddess of Fire: her anger and rage produces fire.

Symbol: Flaming red fire upon a lake

Foes: Water Goddess and all Light Gods.

Greater Power: Evil

Shanten one of darkness, her chaotic nature even tests Lensen. Using her elements of fire she was the one who destroyed most of the population of the Volkaties.Water is her natural enemy thus she is always in conflict with the Goddess Aquarao.

Even in her unleashed rage she has never over thrown Aquarao and has stood under Gamori's watchful eye.

Aquarao - Goddess of Water and the Seas

Goddess of Water:


Symbol: Two hands held palms up,with water flowing from them.

Foes: Goddess of Fire Shanten

Locations: Asin Oceans and the Muerde Mystery Pool

Aquarao: found and captured the princess/sorceress Tarenta coming to Exodus. Tarenta only had one motive in mind to abolish all righteous minded warriors to then overtake the lands. She claimed royalty but indeed was a sorceress. Many warriors fell in love with the enchanting Tarenta, to only be deceived and poisoned by her,then buried on the beaches of the Asin Ocean.

Aquarao the Goddess of the sea, and of righteous beliefs captured her in high tide one eve,and washed her into the deep pool by the sea, the Muerde Mystery Pool. To this day the face of the princess/sorceress is seen in this pool trying to deceive the travelers that journey by. Tarenta being one of trickery leads them in riddles and promises hoping for her escape. Aquarao has sworn her to stay in this pool forever. When journeying by Muerde, mystery pool you will see a beautiful face, one which looks of porcelain, a princess with fine features and light blue eyes, her hair flows in tiny ripples looking like silver in the water. BEWARE!

BadaHammersmith - Master of the Forge God of Craftsmanship

BadaHammersmith has won his god position for saving the journeyman, that found him sealed in the deserted underground city. After the lands of Exodus were hit with Shanten's fire, and most of the Volkaties were destroyed, he was taken prisoner to the depths of the hidden city. He provides the finest of metals by overlooking the areas of the world, making sure they are not destroyed.

Creator of all the fantastic items used by the gods, BadaHammersmith spends most of his time at his forge, with his wife Heda watching him proudly. Heda is not only his wife but the avatar of this God. They once owned the shoppe in Ancient Volkatia, but upon finding the hidden underground city, they died to protect many journeyman. Proudly Lensen King of all Gods looked upon him, and his forgings. The once forging God of the ancient days seen Bada's devotion, letting him now reign. Blacksmiths, and craftsman follow him.

BadaHammersmith A grand master of his craft, and from ancient Volkatia he knows where every rare metal is in the world. BadaHammersmith crafts the grandest weapons, and interlaced is the magic of his people. His creations shine like the red flames that destroyed the Volkatis. This being a rememberance of his people being killed.

BadaHammersmith loves hard work, tales, and oddities in designs in this craft. BadaHammersmith was a long time blacksmith of ancient Volkatia, to appease his god of forging he would spend hours praying, and trying to make the most unique in crafted weapons.

BadaHammersmith appears to be old, his ancient skin weathered and tan. Volkatis, being his ancient heritage, provided his path to becoming the new God. He always wears red leather, symbolizing the fires his people were taken by. He was a ancient Volkatis who had prayed to his God of Forging, while being kept prisoner in the underground city. The Gods look down upon BadaHammersmith, with honor, for he had always represented the Volkatis race. His mannerisms are polite, and he loves to share tales of ancients.

His symbol is a sword crossed with flames intricately serragated.

Vorhee - God of Mischief and Laughter

God of Mischief and Laughter

Symbol: A bright Yellow haze that hides what he is up to until the last moment.

Foes: none

Greater Power: Neutral

Vorhees has wreaked havoc upon the Exodus inhabitants always full of trickery, this tiny sized God with orange hair delights in mind games, and advocating laughter at the most inappropriate times. He has changed the most precarious situation into a humorous one; even popping into funerals is not unknown for him to do. Most everyone, dreads the aspect of Vorhees attending any events in their life. He has mocked even the most serious emotion with his humorous wit.

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